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Our boutique law firm maintains a high level of competency and expertise in the areas of patent litigation, patent portfolio monetization and licensing, commercial litigation, class actions, and business services. We represent representative classes of individuals who have suffered the same harm caused by a single entity otherwise known as class actions. We represent businesses seeking to extract value from their Intellectual Property via litigation, a licensing program or other means. We also represent and counsel start-up and more established corporations in developing their ideas, protecting their ideas, manufacturing and marketing their ideas, and defending them against any law suits filed against them. We help businesses collect on their accounts receivables, draft and negotiate employment and non-compete agreements, operating agreements, and other contracts, drafting yearly state tax filings, formation of business entities and other legal matters throughout the life cycle of a business.



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Austin Hansley is the Owner of Austin Hansley P.L.L.C. His practice focuses on patent litigation, patent portfolio monetization and licensing, commercial litigation and business services.

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