The Texas Law Office


Our firm represents and counsels corporate executives, start-up and more established corporations throughout the life cycle of their business including:
  • Developing their ideas
  • Formation of business entities
  • Protecting their intellectual property
  • Helping secure funding for the start-up
  • Negotiate and draft lease agreements for store fronts
  • Website development
  • Helping market their product
  • Helping manufacture their product
  • Collect on account receivables
  • Draft and negotiate employment and non-compete agreements, franchise agreements and other contracts
  • Draft and file yearly state tax filings
There are many advantages to hiring our firm to represent your start-up venture. We have experience in Engineering, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. If you need help developing your idea, our firm's expertise is what you need. Once your idea is fully developed, then our firm can help protect your idea, and later if someone copies your idea, we can help you file suit against any infringers. Typical fee arrangements with our firm include either hourly rate, flat fee, hybrid fee, or partial ownership in the business. Many start-ups have very little cash or equity and cannot afford the necessary legal services. Our firm can accept equity in your start-up, depending on the circumstances, allowing for legal services to be provided at little or no cost. Most importantly, our firm is experienced in counseling and representing start-ups from the idea stage, to that first sale and thereafter.

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