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Insurance and Warranty Disputes

Many insurance and warranty companies wrongfully deny or delay claims in hopes that you the consumer will "go away" without a fight. Sadly, insurance and warranty companies are right, and most consumers accept the denial while suspecting something is wrong. Insurance and warranty companies play a zero sum game with you knowing that most will just walk away. Even if a few consumers fight back, the insurance and warranty companies still win because the consumers who don't fight for their rights vastly outnumber the few that do.

Don't fall in to that category of consumers that just give up and walk away. Call our firm today and we will send a demand to your insurance or warranty company demanding the money due to you under your insurance policy. Most of the time, when an insurance or warranty company finds out that you have hired an attorney, they will immediately give you the money you are due under your policy. If they won't then we will take them to court.

The Texas Legislature knew that insurance and warranty companies play this zero sum game and enacted strict guidelines and penalties for insurance and warranty companies that wrongfully fail to pay you under your insurance policy. The insurance statutes in Texas in some cases allow for you to recover 3 times your insurance or warranty claim if the insurance or warranty company was acting in bad faith. The statutes also allow you to recover attorneys fees, and interest.

Insurance and warranty companies know about these statutes, but guess what? They don't care, and will many times directly violate these statutes knowing that most consumers will just walk away when their claim is wrongfully denied. Please don't contribute to their zero sum game, and call our firm so that we can demand you the money you are due under your policy. If they still won't pay you then we will take them to court for you.

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Commercial Collection of Accounts Receivable

If you are a merchant, professional, or company with too many receivables on your books, act now to recover the money you are legally entitled to. Collection of accounts receivable is an important part of any business — whether a small company or a large corporation. If you need commercial debt collection services, contact our firm to get your invoices paid. Our firm will send your accounts receivables a demand letter, and call them for payment. If they don't agree to pay, we use the various legal means to seek payment e.g. litigation, seizure of assets, liens, placing holds on bank accounts etc.

Corporate Tort Liability

If a corporation is responsible for your injuries, our firm can help. We understand that corporate america can be negligent, and sometimes grossly negligent towards the general public. Often times companies do so knowingly, or intentionally in order to maximize their profits. If you are the victim of such corporate wrongdoing, we can help.
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  • Derivative suits for breach of fiduciary duty
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