The Texas Law Office

Patent Litigation

The Texas Law Office is conveniently located near the Federal Courts in the Eastern District of Texas which have arguably been the most plaintiff-friendly court for patent litigation and as a result one of the most popular venues to file a patent infringement suit. Venue in the Eastern District is popular for plaintiffs because judges in the Eastern District of Texas are more likely to defer to juries on questions of patent validity and infringement. It is thus much harder for defendants to win on judgment as a matter of law, such as by summary judgment or motion to dismiss. Additionally, juries are thought to be more inclined towards large verdicts. This creates a very undesirable double edged sword for defendants litigating in the Eastern District.

  We have successfully litigated patent infringement cases against some of the largest companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lenovo, Vizio, Mary Kay and many more.

The following are examples of some of the technologies and industries involved in the patent infringement cases we have handled:
    • Computer hardware and software
    • Consumer electronics
    • Network & wireless communications technologies
    • Banking systems
    • Healthcare systems
    • Telecommunications systems

Our firm offers a wide range of fee agreements to allow a fee structure that fits the needs of our clients. We offer flat fee, hourly rate, contingent fee, and hybrid fee arrangements. In many instances we do not receive a fee unless a successful outcome is obtained. Contingency or hybrid fee arrangements allow many of our clients to have a litigation option whereas without such a fee arrangement they would not be able to afford expensive patent litigation.

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